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What Are My Coins Worth??

COINSPlus is always purchasing every kind of collectable coin, paper money, and fine jewelry for top market prices!

Below are links to pages on that can help to give you an idea of what some commonly traded coins and bullion products are worth.

Please note that prices for antique and/or collectable coins have been very volatile in recent months, so the best way to find out what value they currently have is to let the experts at COINSPlus evaluate your coins in person. In addition to current gold and silver prices, many coin and paper money values depend on the level of preservation-which is almost impossible to judge from verbal descriptions or photographs.

NEVER CLEAN OLD COINS! You will virtually always damage the value of collectables if you clean them (collectors like things that look their age-natural patina is actually a "plus" in many cases).

 -The link below lists only a few of the many gold and silver products we deal in on the COINSPlus "TOP 20 GOLD & SILVER" page. Feel free to call for quotes on any gold, silver or platinum items you are interested in selling! Thanks